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Collision Repair Process


Collision Repair Process at Granbury Collision

Our repair process is the same for every customer. Whether you’re driving an Alfa Romeo or a Ford, we have the best tools and technicians to ensure your vehicle is repaired to manufacturer standards.

We work with all major insurance companies and our repairs are triple-checked to ensure we’ve done everything to restore your vehicle to like new condition. Here’s how we do it.

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1. Vehicle Drop Off

If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has damage that you need to fix, you can give us a call and drop off your vehicle at our shop conveniently located in Granbury just off of Hwy 377. We work diligently with your insurance company to offer a free computerized estimate while accurately taking note of all the damage that needs repaired.

2. Body Shop Repair

After one of our estimators evaluates your vehicle and you’ve approved the work, your vehicle is moved into our body shop, where we will remove any parts requiring separate repair or replacement, and we will start working on repairing the body panels and structural components. All of our work is extensively reviewed to ensure quality is maintained throughout your repair.

3. Painting

Once all of the body work is complete, your vehicle moves over to paint. One of our certified paint technicians then uses our state of the art computerized paint system to make sure your paint matches exactly based on manufacturer standards. We triple check everything before applying fresh paint to your vehicle. Once painting is completed, we polish your vehicle and prepare for reassembly.

4. Reassembly

This is when your vehicle moves out of our world class paint booth and back into the body shop. One of our certified collision technicians goes over your entire vehicle making sure all of the parts related to your repair are assembled to factory standards. Once assembly is complete we take another opportunity to review the quality of repair to ensure it meets our high standards.

5. Cleaning

Now that your car is repaired to manufacturer standards it’s time to clean your vehicle. We complete a full wash and vacuum so we know that the car is returned to you just like a new car.

6. Quality First

As you’ve probably noticed by now we take great pride in the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Regardless of whether we’re fixing a door ding on a Dodge or restoring an Alfa Romeo, when we hand the keys back to you we want you to know that we’ve repaired everything to manufacturer specification. This keeps you safe and ensures your vehicle will continue to have a long life in spite of an accident.

7. Vehicle Delivery

There’s a lot that goes into a proper repair but we take care of the hard work so you can rest easy knowing the repair was done right. Once your repairs are completed one of our agents will reach out and schedule your delivery appointment. During vehicle delivery our agents will go over the vehicle side by side with you before completing the paperwork and returning your keys.

Our Priceing

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